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How To Navigate, Search And Download On

How To Navigate, Search And Download On FroshNaija.Ng

Since effecting/adding a few add-ons in the outlook of our site, some of its designs had to change and information reaching us is that some of our visitors have experienced a little difficulty in navigating the site and some are even complaining via the comment box that our ads are too much on the website.

We are sorry and it is for the betterment of everyone. This post will address issues pertaining to any such complaints.


First, the FroshNaija homepage has been designed with dedicated verticals to other content services that we offer including Videos, Music, and especially our Sub menu, having categories such as; Amapiano, East Africa, Ghana, Mixtapes, and more.  You can find this below the Top Primary menu on the webpage every time you visit

As you continue to scroll through your desire content/article, you’ll find our music player with a black background already loaded with a variety of current songs that you can listen to while you continue to peruse other info and services on the site. Our music playlist is periodically updated to match up with the high influx of songs from numerous artists per time. The pages are well-categorized accordingly from LATEST SONGS, ALBUMS, NEW POSTS, VIDEOS, HOT LYRICS, and TRENDING NEWS. This allows for more direct access to trending news and updates as well as very recent article posts on music downloads and entertainment news.

Besides the news and music feature, the Search Bar is located on the right side after which you can then find the more recent music post updates when you continue scrolling.

How to download

When you click on a music post, the download link is usually located at the bottom (after the cover artwork display and the short press release text for the song). Usually, the link would be in the text format highlighted in green colour DOWNLOAD MP3. To effect a download, click the link directly.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the download link and select the option “save link as” from the dialog box that pops out. Choose the directory to which you want to save the mp3 file on your computer and click save.


Just like the desktop, the mobile site is well categorized and has direct links on its homepage for verticals New Music, Videos, News and Lyrics. The links direct you to posts associated with their respective tags. Latest Songs takes you to all the music posts starting from the most recently updated. The same goes for other verticals. Unlike in the desktop version, there is no web feature on the mobile thus these verticals would suffice.

On the mobile, the Search Bar is located at the beginning of the page after the Primary menu. You don’ really have to scroll down – past the music feeds – to the bottom. To download on mobile, Android and Blackberry users are to ‘long press’ the download link and select the “save link as” option on their handheld devices. The long-press method requires that you click and hold down the link for longer than a second until a dialogue box pops out with various command options.

We’d recommend that site visitors familiarize themselves with these tips by testing them out either on their handheld devices or computers. In the meantime, we’re carrying out a survey and as such we would like to know what your experience has been and if this instructional has helped/will help in any way.

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